Terms and Conditions

Last updated: March 20, 2018

Please read these general terms and conditions carefully since they govern the use of our service for Creativists and customers.

Information we collect

Netsquads collects some information concerning your Netsquads account. All our customer and Creativists have to make an account within our platform. We collect profile information like: names, company names (if applicable), email addresses, skill sets, passwords, and usernames from you so that you can use our service.

In addition to that customer may provide us with company details and financial information. Credit and debit card information and your banking information will help us rewarding our Creativists.

For Creativists applies that they may provide us with other personal information and banking information or paypal information. Your banking information or paypal information will allow us to reward your ideas. In contrast to your profile, where you’re allowed to use nicknames, we only pay out rewards when we receive a legal name with matching information.

Besides personal information we may collect data from our platform. This relates to nodes, comments, likes or other content you submit or display on our servers. We will use some of this data to optimize our process. Some of the information will be collected automatically. This is information about the browser and the operating system you use and your IP address when you accessing our website.

Netsquads is allowed to use the: names, nodes, comments, and upvots of her customers and Creativists in any publicity or advertising describing the relationship between the parties.

Cookie policy

We will place a cookie into your computer when you log in on our platform for the purpose of knowing you logged in and to create a session.

Intellectual property

By submitting any user content to Netsquads, you grant us a royalty-free, irrevocable, unrestricted, non-exclusive worldwide license to use your content for any purpose in any medium. All third parties including our customers are not allowed to use any content without informing Netsquads. Netsquads can’t be held responsible for the protection of the intellectual property of her Creativist. Creativist that post an idea own the property and are responsible to keep an eye out themselves. Netsquads will only take actions against those who illegally used an idea, when a Creativist warns Netsquads and provides legit proofs. Third parties that have been proven to illegally use an idea will be legally forced to reward the Creativist and be fined for ignoring the rules.

Customers determine the reward before that start of any challenge. By entering a challenge, as Creativist, you accept the reward in advance. By paying out the reward money, a customer gets the right to use the ideas in the challenge. Netsquads can’t be held responsible for any activity that happens with the idea(s) after the rewards. Netsquads receives this money and is held responsible for paying out the right Creativists. “The right Creativists” are the creativist that have been selected by the customer, because of their input. Netsquads can’t be sued because of an unfair distribution. A customer decides which idea gets rewarded and Netsquads follows this decision.

A Customers decides if a challenge stays online after being solved. Netsquads will always request to keep it open for the sake of sharing knowledge.

Challenges that won’t find a fitting solution after two feedback moments will be closed in consultation with the customer. These challenges will be labelled as finished without any rewards. The intellectual property stays with Netsquads and her Creativists and the information listed in the challenge is not for business use. With this method Creativist can still profit from the knowledge in the challenge. Creativist may share knowledge after the duration of these challenge, but they’re legally forced to name or link Netsquads with any public post.

Sharing information

During the duration of a challenge the Creativists and the customers are not allowed to share any information with third parties. This restriction will drop after a challenge closes. As user of our service, Creativist or Customer, you understand that you may receive any confidential information from other parties. As receiving party you agree that you won’t divulge any of this information to other parties.


Netsquads may collect financial information, directly or through a third-party payment provider, when you enter a financial transaction. We will use this information solely for this financial transaction and we won’t share this with any third parties, except the necessary parties to complete the transaction or to comply with applicable law. Netsquads functions as an intermediary between customer and the payment provider that will payout any rewards.

Netsquads will start the payment process from the moment they received the agreed amount from its customer. From this moment on it is going to take a maximum of ten working days to prepare the financial transaction for the payment provider. Netsquads can not be held responsible for any delays outside its own control. You as a Creativist are held responsible for the tax consequences of any reward payment, determined by the laws of your country.

Warranty disclaimers

The services are provided by Netsquads, as is, without warranty of any kind. Netsquads does not make any warranty that the service will meet the requirements of its Creativists and its customers.

Netsquads and Creativists cannot be held responsible for the functioning of an idea. The platform provides ideas and our customers are responsible for implementing it into their organization. Netsquads may share user information with our customers if requested to get in touch with a Creativists. Netsquads takes distance from any contact between customers and Creativists.

Netsquads cannot be held responsible for the accuracy and the ownership of information that has been posted by Creativist. Our platform may contain links to third-party websites or resources. Netsquads cannot be held responsible for the content or links that these websites display. We assume that Creativist post information in good faith.

Netsquads is allowed to dissolve any contact, contracts and commitments with its Creativists and its Customer when terms and conditions or the platform rules are broken. This may be without warning.

Miscellaneous terms

The terms and conditions are an agreement between Netsquads and its customers and Creativists. If any provisions of the terms happen to be declared invalid by legal authorities, the other provisions within the terms shall remain enforceable. In this case the invalid provisions shall be modified until it is valid.

Netsquads may change the terms and conditions at any time. If Creativists and customers continue to use the service, after Netsquads modified the terms and notified her users, Creativists and customers will be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the modified terms.


Creativists, customers and other users can submit feedback by emailing Netsquads. By doing this you grant us a worldwide, transferable, non- exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, fully-paid, and royalty-free license under any and all intellectual property rights.


  • Netsquads platform The personal and open mind maps that can be found on the website.

  • Netsquads website The website Netsquads.com and all its related pages.

  • Creativist Name for all the community members registered on our platform.

  • Customer All the organizations registered on our platform as challenge supplier.

  • Feedback Comments suggestions and feedback with the purpose to improve the quality of our website and platform.

  • Confidential information Information that is not publicly known and the party who published the information wants to keep it within a selected group.


Do you have any question about the Terms and conditions? Feel free to ask at support@netsquads.com.