Circle of Netsquads
Our Story
Making the world a better place. That is what we want and the goal is to achieve this with our community. In our eyes every individual can have impact in the challenges that our society faces. Usually, the best solutions come from the people you least expect it from. Unfortunately, those people don’t have a stage to share their great input. Even though this knowledge can be very useful for organizations and their products and services.

That is why we started Netsquads and created a stage where people can share their great input. A platform that connects organizations with a creative community in order to put all this useful knowledge in practise. Together we help organization: solving their challenges, innovate and improve products and processes. In exchange we can reward the community for their effort and make the world a better place.
"We want to combine knowledge and use to power of the community to innovate efficiently. Our goal is to help the world forward by solving its challenges." - Netsquads
Our Vision
We believe that merging two individuals is worth more than the simple sum of its individuals. This may sound like a very complex theory, but it’s not more then 1+1=3. We believe that connecting: people, organizations, knowledge and creativity will generate many great ideas. This is how we distinguish ourselves compared to other open innovative platforms. We give our community the possibility to work together and to use each others knowledge. This will improve the overall ideas and makes it easier to filter.