Disclosure guidelines

Last updated: February 23, 2018.

For Creativitsts

Respect the rules: We set up a code of conduct that applies within our platform. We expect you to operate by these rules.

Submit relevant input: Every challenge is provided with a clear framework and has a central question. Please read this content carefully and try to stick to with it. None of the parties benefit from irrelevant ideas.

Be open for collaboration: Netsquads is all about brainstorming and collaborate towards great ideas. We expect you to be aware of this philosophy when you sign up. Have an open attitude towards collaborating and sharing knowledge with other Creativists.

Accept opinions: Every Creativist and customer within Netsquads has its own opinion. This opinion can differ from yours. Accept that other Creativists can criticize your idea or that your idea won’t be labelled as the “best solution”. Take motivation from these experiences.

For Organizations

Respect our Creativists: We’re working towards a platform where everybody feels welcome. We would like to see our customers contribute to such a platform. Treat our community with the same respect that we give you.

Reward Creativists: Understand that our Creativists put a lot of effort in helping an organization. It’s fair to reward all this effort, so give people the recognition they deserve.

Understand the intellectual property: Netsquads works in a complicated environment because of the intellectual property of our Creativists. We ask our customers to accept this property and discourage them to use submitted ideas without buying it. This will have consequences.

Be clear and transparent: As a customer we expect you to be transparent in the information you provide. Only then Creativist are able to help you with your challenge. We like to see the same transparency after the duration of a challenge. Don’t let Creativists wait unnecessary long.


Submitting ideas

In collaboration with our customers we formulate a clear challenge. Every Creativist should review this information carefully to understand the challenge and its expectations.

A Creativist starts a challenge in a personal mind map to add their ideas. Every idea should include an explanation with possibly sketches to support it. This prevents delays in the process and makes it easier to value.

You will gain access to the open mind map when you added a certain number of ideas (differs per challenge) and you submitted your mind map. You can add your input into the open mind map after it has been reviewed. In the open mind map you’re able to collaborate with other Creativists and share knowledge.


Together with our customer we determine a closing date for a challenge. When this deadline is reached the challenge closes and with that the possibility to add ideas. We present the open mind map and give a customer the time to evaluate the ideas. Eventually they determine the winning idea(s).


You can receive recognition from an organization for your ideas if you’re the first person to add an idea that turns out to be the winning or to be part of the winning solution. Besides that, you can receive recognition from other users in the form of likes.


Our customers buy your intellectual property in the form of a reward. The amount is determined before a challenge starts and by participating in a challenge you accept this reward to be fair against your idea.

  • We use third party services to pay out rewards.

  • We pay out rewards in euros (€), since we’re based in the Netherlands.

  • We only pay out rewards when we receive a legal name with matching bank information.

  • We’re are not responsible for any tax consequences.

Code of Conduct

Respect is key: We expect you to respect other Netsquads users. This means that we don’t want to see any: bad language, racial slur, and other insulting comments.

Stay within the lines: We want to keep our mind maps clear and we need your help to do so. So please, only submit ideas that are relevant to the subject and place them by the right subtopic.

Keep private channels private: Use the features in our platform to communicate and don’t reach out to people on private channels, like social media, without their permission. We respect the privacy of our users.

Positive feedback is the best feedback: Feedback has an important function within our community. This doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to trash talk. Bring your feedback in a positive way and substantiate it.


  • Netsquads platform The personal and open mind maps that can be found on the website.

  • Netsquads website The website Netsquads.com and all its related pages.

  • Creativist Name for all the community members registered on our platform.

  • Customer All the organizations registered on our platform as challenge supplier.

  • Feedback Comments suggestions and feedback with the purpose to improve the quality of our website and platform.

  • Confidential information Information that is not publicly known and the party who published the information wants to keep it within a selected group.


Do you have any question about the disclosure guidelines? Feel free to ask at support@netsquads.com.