Circle of Netsquads

Working towards the best solution

The current society, with all its technical developments, forces organizations to be creative and innovative. We noticed that this can be very time consuming and expensive for organizations. The right knowledge is essential, but not always internally present. Netsquads wants to offer these organizations a helping hand. An organization with an innovative challenge can submit this challenge on our platform. A community, consisting of different kind of people with their own insights and knowledge, will generate solutions to help this organization. This fresh look towards the challenge saves organizations a lot of time and money while it still provides them with great ideas.

Why we count 1 + 1 as 3

We believe that merging two individuals is worth more than the simple sum of its individuals. By connecting: people, organizations, knowledge and creativity, many great ideas arise. This is how we distinguish ourselves compared to other open innovative platforms. We give our community the possibility to work together. Every Creativist submits their ideas in a local mind map. We bring all these mind maps together into one open mind map. Creativists can interact and work together in this open platform. Our community can brainstorm together and that will generate new insights and so better solutions. The best solutions will be presented to the organization. Creativist who were part of this solution will be rewarded.

We’re doing all this with pleasure, passion and in a sympathetic way to be able to connect all these parties and make everyone feel welcome.


"A nice and fun way to help another and reward yourself". That’s what Netsquads should be for our community. Spending time and effort into a challenge should be and will be rewarded. Netsquads is an open platform that makes it easy for Creativists to share knowledge. Participating in a challenge will get you a lot of new insights and knowledge submitted by other Creativists. That makes Netsquads a great learning environment. Participating in a challenge will also get you a lot of practical experience, since you’re solving challenges submitted by actual organizations. This is great input for your CV. Organizations buy a solution from the Creativists that came up with it. We believe in brainstorming and improving each other’s input. That’s why we reward not only the final solution, but also the insights that led to this solution. This is easy to determine since this input will be listed earlier in the string of the mind map. The price that an organization puts on the solution will be separated over the Creativists that took part of the best solution.

Steps to get started



Interested and ready to let your creativity speak? Sign up now for the pre-béta version and become a Creativists.



Make your personal account and list your strengths and interests to show the community what you’re worth.


Welcome, Creativist

Welcome to the team. From now on you may call yourself a Creativist, Congratulations! You can fully explore the Netsquads website and our platform now. We’re working on the béta version, so keep in mind a lot more is coming.


Start with a challenge!

Put your problem-solving skills into a practice by entering your first challenge. Log in and take a look into the “new challenges”. Search one that fits your requirements and start generating ideas in your first personal mind map.