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How can Netsquads optimize their font size and length of sentences at the challenge page?

Description: If I click the "Challenge" to read it again it gives long sentences as my screen is rather wide. And I notice I have problems reading sentences that are very wide. I think 80 characters or so on one line would improve it for me.
User concealed 16th Dec 2017, 08:23


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Help Netsquads and reward yourself

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This challenge gives everybody the opportunity to test our platform regardless of interests or skills. We hope that your input will help us make a great platform.

“The community is going to brainstorm in a mind map about problems and challenges that organizations face.” Like our website indicates, brainstorming is an important part of our idea of problem solving. We want to give our Creativists the chance to discuss solutions within the platform and eventually work out ideas together.

The challenging factor is that there is no face to face contact like in a real life brainstorm session around a table. Netsquads functions as a virtual table with people joining from all around the world. You can imagine that communication is extremely important to make this work. Creativist won’t be able to work together without efficient ways to communicate. Which also applies for sharing information.

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