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Why we count 1 + 1 as 3

We believe that merging two individuals is worth more than the simple sum of its individuals. By connecting: people, organizations, knowledge and creativity, many great ideas arise. Netsquads is an online platform where we connect these parties. The community is going to brainstorm in a mind map about problems and challenges that organizations face. We’re doing this with pleasure, passion and in a sympathetic way to make everyone feel welcome.

Working towards the best solution

Every Creativist provides ideas where any other member can interact and create their own.This creates new insights that make the solutions even better. In the end the best solutions will be presented to the organization. Anyone who was a part of this solution will be rewarded.


"A nice and fun way to help another and reward yourself". That’s what Netsquads should be for our community. When you spend time and effort on the best solution, you would like to see a reward. That’s why the Creativists who come up with the best idea/solution get a reward. The authorities buy the solution and the money gets separated over the persons who came up with the idea. We believe in brainstorming and improving each other’s input. That’s why we reward not only the member who came up with the final solution, but also the members who where a part of this solution. We’re already thinking of more rewards to keep all our Creativists motivated.

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Welcome, Creativist

Welcome to the team. From now on you may call yourself a Creativist, Congratulations! We’re still working on the beta-version of our platform, but we will keep you up to date on the developments. Start now with your first innovation challenge!


Creating Ideas

When you’re working on your first problem you start with thinking of solutions in your own mind map. This mind map is accessible for other members from the moment you submit your ideas. You can like, react and add suggestions after you submitted your ideas. Eventually you will work together to get the best solution.


“A nice and fun way to help one another and reward yourself!” doesn’t apply just for the community members. Netsquads can be just as rewarding for our customers. The knowledge to solve a challenge or problem within an authority isn’t always present. Netsquads provides the opportunity to move the knowledge limit without any big investments. It cuts the budget but still provides new ideas and inspiration. Besides that, it is an opportunity to scan for new employees with specific qualities. Interested in becoming one of our customers?

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